Practice Update week of Sept 25th to Oct. 1st / Administrative

The Weekly Update is listed below, please note some time changes and the addition of Dry Land at Kids First Gymnastics.  
Administrative Note: If you  have not completed and signed your Ripfest/CDA packet and releases please return those immediately.   Also if you decided to select the payment Option for the Team fees Sept. is due immediately.   October tuition and team fees will be due by Oct 5th and can be payed online on the website.  Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or have any issues.  

Please note time change and addition of Kids First Gymnastics for Dryland.  

Monday           8-9pm at TopFlight Gymnastics
Tuesday          5:30-7:30pm UC
Wednesday    6:30-8:30pm UC
Thursday        5-7pm UC
Saturday        10:30-1:00pm UC
                       3-4pm Kids First Gymnastics
Sunday           10:30-12:30pm UC 
Tuesday         5-7pm UC
Wednesday.   6-8pm UC
Saturday.       11:30-1:30pm UC
Sunday.         11:00-1:00 UC
Let's Dive!

Kevin McElheney
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Week of 6/5 schedule and monthly payment reminder

Hello CDA!
Just a friendly reminder today is the 4th of June. After tomorrow the $25 late fee will be required. After the 10th a $50 late fee and the diver can’t practice until all tuition is paid. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Looks like a nice day hope everyone enjoys the weather.
A quick update please make a note of this schedule change:
Saturday (Today): UC 2-4:30 Sunday 6/4: OFF **Please make a Note** Monday 6/5: Bluegrass 11-1:30 Tuesday 6/6: Bluegrass 11-1:30, Top Flight 7:30-8:30 Wednesday 6/7: Bluegrass 11-1:30 Thursday 6/8: Bluegrass 11-1:30 Friday 6/9:-** Bluegrass 9:30-noon*** and UC 7-8:30 Saturday 6/10: UC 2-4:30 Sunday 6/11: OFF
***Please make a note of the Schedule change on Sunday 6/4 and Friday 6/9***
** A quick reminder that all tuition is due on or before 6/5. After 6/5 a $25 late fee will apply. If tuition is paid on or after 6/10 a $50 late fee will apply and your diver will not be allowed to practice till all tuition is paid.**
** US Diving Zones are quickly approaching please make every effort to attend all scheduled practices.**
Let’s Dive, Kevin
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Week of 5/29-6/04 schedule

Hey CDA Family!!
It’s very hot here in San Antonio. A very successful week of Diving. Five divers and two National Championships a Bronze and top 6 Finnish with three events still to go before coming home Tuesday.
I hope everyone is enjoying the Memorial Day Holiday!!! The schedule for the week is as follows: Monday 5/29: OFF Tuesday 5/30: OFF Wednesday 5/31: Bluegrass Swim Club 11-1:30 and UC 7-8:30. Thursday 6/1: Bluegrass 11-1:30 Friday 6/2: Bluegrass 11-1:30 and UC 7-8:30 Saturday 6/3: UC 2-4:30 Sunday 6/4: UC 2-4:30
***CDA divers may attend morning and or evening practices this week. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the extra pool time and come to both morning and evening practice. Keep in mind that if weather doesn’t cooperate Bluegrass could be canceled. Until weather is warmer I’m keeping UC the first two weeks of June.***
We miss you Kiddos and will be home soon. Everyone keep Aidan, Sam and Peytton in your thoughts tomorrow as they compete at Nationals!!
Let’s Dive, Kevin.

Schedule week of 5/15

Hello CDA!
Here is the schedule for this week: Monday 5/15- UC 7-8:30 Tuesday 5/16-Top Flight 7:30-8:30 Wednesday 5/17-UV 7-8:30 Thursday- OFF Friday 5/19- UC 7-8:30 Saturday 5/20- UC 2-4:30 Sunday 5/21- OFF UC Conflict
Thanks, Kevin
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Schedule week of 5/8

Hello CDA! The schedule is normal this week: Monday 5/8. UC 7-8:30 Tuesday 5/9. Top Flight 7:30-8:30 Wednesday 5/10. UC 7-8:30 Thursday 5/11. OFF Friday 5/12. UC 7-8:30 Saturday 5/13. UC 2-4:30 Sunday 5/14. UC 2-4:30
** I have still not received May tuition from a few families. PLEASE pay tuition with late fee before 5/10. Those families that paid their tuition after 5/5 please add your $25 late fee. I understand it seems petty to charge a late fee. What you need to understand is that UC and Top Flight expect their money at the first of the month. Any day past the 5th I pay UC $75 a day until paid.**
Thanks, Kevin
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