4/6/17 End Of week schedule update

Hello CDA!!
No Dry Land this Thursday 4/6/17.  I work on Thursday’s and Nicole is still out due to surgery.  Hopefully we will pick it back up Thursday a week.
Please remember this weekend’s time is normal 2-4:30.  Based on your level of commitment dictates what your practice time is.
Team members only 2-4
Pre-Team/High School 2:30-4:30
Learn to dive 3-4:30 or 3:30-4:30 depending on if you dive 60 or 90 minutes.
**All Tuition should be paid by end of business tomorrow!  You can now pay tuition online at www.cincidivingacademy.com**

April tuition and schedule for: 4/3/17-4/9/17

Hello CDA!
Just a quick reminder that tuition is due by 4/5/2017.  I still have tuition that is owed for March.
 Please make sure your March tuition has been paid by 2 pm today for your diver to continue diving.
The website is up and running www.cincidivingacademy.com.
Tuition can now be paid directly through the website.  I will still accept checks however please remember to have All tuition paid no later than 4/5/2017 or a $25 late fee will be assessed to your account.
*** Next Weeks Schedule:
Monday 4/3: UC 7-8:30
Tuesday 4/4: Top Flight 7:30-8:30
Wednesday 4/5: UC 7:30-9
Thursday 4/6: Top Flight 4:30-5:30
Friday 4/7: UC 7-8:30
Saturday 4/8: UC 2-4:30
Sunday 4/9: UC 2-4:30***
***I am planning a trip to Rip Fest.  I am looking at either Saturday 4/7 or Saturday 4/14.  Both days are available I just need to know which date works better for CDA divers.  Please let me know ASAP.***
***Any divers planning on attending US Diving Regionals entries are due in no later than 4/10 at 5:00PM.  If your not sure your diver should attend please contact me directly.***
Let’s Dive,
Kevin Mcelheney

Schedule for the week starting March 13th

Hello CDA!
Here is the schedule for this week please make a note:
Monday 3/13: UC 7-8:30
Tuesday 3/14: Top Flight dry land 7:30-8:30
Wednesday 3/15: UC 7:15-8:30
Thursday 3/16: Top Flight 4:30-5:30
Friday 3/17:  UC 7-8:30
Saturday 3/18: UC 1:30-3:30
Sunday 3/19:  UC 2-4:30
**Please note time changes on 3/15 and 3/18**
**I need to know by Wednesday who is attending Red White and Blue at Purdue 3/24-3/26**
** I need to start booking rooms for US Diving Regionals.  Please let me know if your planning on attending US Diving Regionals in Chicago and how many rooms you will require**
**We are looking at a March Madness Tournament Fundraiser.  I will have Brackets at practice this evening.  The cost is $25 to fill out.  Their will be a cash prize winner!!  We will use all remaining funds to help with Coaches Travel Expenses!  Help CDA buy a Tourney Bracket!**
**All three of the CDA coaches are very excited with everyone’s progress.  Keep up the hard work CDA.**
Kevin McElheney
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